CM Plus is a “Value Creator” that helps you to realize “new value creation” through successful projects. To that end, we guide you to “out of the ordinary” solutions as a  partner working with you as your brain, hands and feet by connecting “knowledge” through “open innovation” on a global scale.



Services with broad knowledge well versed to manufacturing sites and facilities

Const. → Inspection → QA/QC → Training

Power to support global business expansion of the clients.

to USA, ASEAN India, China, etc.


Networking to connect clients to the world-class Intelligences.

World-class Consultants Global Business Network


If you want to set up a manufacturing plant for medical equipment, specialty laboratories, food, cosmetics and facilities related to high-level health and sterilization aspects then you Need Us.

We can provide you:

  • Pre-Feasibility / Feasibility Study
  • Concept Design / Basic Design / Detailed Technical Design
  • Construction Drawings
  • Project Management / Construction Management
  • Support for Bidding and Contractor Selection, etc

We also provide the following services: HACCP, WHO-GMP, EU

  • GMP, PIC/S-GMP, cGMP training if required
  • Management Validation
  • Quality Management System (QMS) support consulting.

Besides, we’re still doing it GAP Analysis (similar to Pharmacy and Medical Devices) Designing, renovating, upgrading and existing projects. Let’s us know your idea.


CM Plus specializes in facilities with a production process and a clean room environment. In particular, we have a wealth of experience in facilities in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We also have a wealth of experience in facilities with large-scale utility / clean room facilities such as electrical, electronic and semiconductor facilities.



CM Plus engineering provides total support from the business concept, basic planning stage to the test run stage from the facility operation to the success of the project in facility construction.

& Qualification (C & Q)

In addition to GMP support at the design and construction stages, we ensure quality is maintained through commissioning and qualification (C & Q) activities that start from the beginning of design.


In order to protect the quality of pharmaceutical / medical device production facilities, we bring together the “knowledge” of top consultants in Japan and overseas to provide consulting services from the perspective of GMDP (GMP & GDP) / QMS / pharmaceutical affairs.

Project Management Support Cloud System

CORRESSA provides a project-specific communication space. Communication between your company and other companies can be done accurately and safely. We also support overseas (English) projects.


GMP Platform

GMP Platform offers education and consulting services pertaining to GMP with the purpose of improving quality management and assurance at production

Life Science Matching
Initiative Platform

Life Science Matching Initiative Platform, a.k.a LSMIP, is the digital platform for business professionals in life science industries.

Internet Virtual Exhibition for Life Science Industry

iVEXL is the specialized portal site, where leading companies in the Life Science Industry exhibit and deliver a wide range of information. You can view their technologies,

Overseas Factory Construction Information Platform

Are you thinking of building an overseas factory? Here you will find useful information such as construction prices, wage information, industrial zones, construction permit procedures, etc. in each country centered on Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

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